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Real Drive, “Infinity”

Posted by Doug on November 4, 2008

Well, in a turn of events that surprised almost no one, Souta dumped his girlfriend for an android chick that was designed after her appearance.  I can’t blame the guy.  I mean, really: Holon has a wonderfully pleasant personality, isn’t bad looking, will never age, can kick serious ass in hand-to-hand combat, and buys Souta some sneakers.  What isn’t to like?

Real Drive

Besides, it’s looking like his old GF, the “First Princess” Erica Patricia Takanami, the Secretary-General of the Trustee Committee of the Island, is going to end up in an adversarial role. Plus, no sneakers for Souta. Not even a serviceable pair of flip-flops.

Real Drive

Hmm…that last pic wouldn’t make a bad desktop…but I think I’ll keep Nagi up for now. Although I like the shot, I don’t really like her character, plus the resolution (1280×720) isn’t what I prefer (usually I go for 1440×900 or better).  Now, had it been Holon instead of Takanami, and the two goons at the sides were missing, I might have decided 1280×720 was good enough.  C’est la vie.

I almost thought this episode would focus around Souta & Holon and the political goings-on of the Island, and not have Minamo at all. No such luck, although it was halfway through the episode before she made an appearance…eating ice cream and talking about skin-care products with her friends. Yes, stuff like this is what “slice-of-life” is made of.  But I have a soft spot for slice-of-life anime (such as Azumanga Daioh and Lucky Star), so it’s all good.


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Real Drive, “Transparent Power”

Posted by Doug on October 13, 2008

Finally! After the last episode, I was hoping for something with a little more action, and “Transparent Power” delivered, with four pretty good martial arts scenes: Souta v. Holon at the beginning, Holon v. female android Iron Schwartz ripoff, then Souta v. the aforementioned female Iron Schwartz, and after the end credits, Round Two of Souta v. Holon.

Souta v. Android Chick

This really is Souta’s episode, even though Holon hands him his ass twice—he’s obviously got a thing for her, and that holds him back in their sparring matches. But aside from that, Souta-as-law-enforcement-investigator kind of reminded me of Togusa from Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, except Togusa had a mullet and never wore clothes like these:

Souta...This look is so not you...

Aaaaaaaaaaanyways. At least this episode didn’t revolve around Minamo’s pepper-hating ways…too much.

Minamo and the Green Pepper

They had me worried there for a bit.

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Real Drive, “Eat”

Posted by Doug on October 10, 2008

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex is one of the best anime series out there, and so when I heard that Production I.G and Masamune Shirow were teaming up on a new series, naturally I decided to check it out.

I’m not sure what i was expecting Real Drive to be—given Masamune Shirow’s style, I think I envisioned it to focus on a beautiful but tough as nails female lead à la Major Kusanagi or Deunan Knute. I was not expecting Aoi Minamo.

Minamo is the sort of character that feels like the fact that she hates green peppers is so noteworthy she should mention it as a part of introducing herself. Her only talent is…uh, well…ahem…lemme think…well, I’m sure she’s good at something.

Minamo's hungry

Real Drive strikes me as Masamune Shirow’s attempt at a sci-fi slice-of-life series: Wheelchair-bound octogenarian Masamichi Haru uses his talents at deep-sea diving to solve various problems on the über-Internet, with the help of his bespectacled android secretary/bodyguard Holon and green-pepper-hating helper/cheerleader Minamo.

Holon and Haru

In the fifteenth episode, “Eat,” Haru investigates a club whose patrons are addicted to the synthetic sensations of virtual food and, as a result, they stop eating in real life and suffer serious malnutrition.

Cyber-eating disorders. Yeah, they have an episode about cyber-eating disorders.

No bad guys here: indeed, Real Drive as a whole seems devoid of villains and villainousness. Even the android martial artist Iron Schwartz in episode five “Sous-Marin” came across as comical rather than criminal.

But don’t misunderstand me, here: I like this series, even though I can’t explain why. Maybe because it’s just so different. I mean, come on—how many anime series are there out there where the male lead is an eighty-year-old guy in a wheelchair, and he isn’t used solely for comic relief?

Sigh…sixty-one to go…

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