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“Dream Fighter” and Unrelated Blathering

Posted by Doug on January 22, 2009

This video was released by Perfume back in November ’08, but I just recently noticed it.  I’ve said before that part of the charm of jpop is the fact that I can enjoy the music without being distracted by the pesky lyrics, but that being said, I still would like to be sufficiently fluent in Japanese to permit me to, say, watch an anime in the original langauge without subtitles.  I know trying to learn Japanese from watching anime probably wouldn’t turn out too well (imagine a Japanese person learning English by watching nothing but Disney movies and The Simpsons), but I have picked up a smattering of words and phrases that, were I to utilize them for communications purposes, would result in me being laughed at by every native of the Land of the Rising Sun (and about 5% of the population of the Aloha State.  Mendōkusei…).

I’d love to take classes in Japanese, but the non-English languages the higher-education institutions in these parts offer seem to be limited to Spanish, French, German, and maybe Latin.  French and Spanish I can understand: Canada is to the north of us, Mexico to the south.  However, there is an ocean in between here and Germany.  Not too many people sprechen Sie Deutsch around here.  Latin would be cool, but let’s face the facts: Ancient Rome produced approximately zero animation of any quality.  The motivation just isn’t there for me.  Really, if some Kenyan animation company produced a kick-ass awesome show and/or movie, I would feel compelled to learn some Swahili (actually Swahili is pretty high on my List of Languages I Would Like to Learn, but that’s beside the point).  Ah, to be a polyglot, and mix-and-mangle metaphors from Mandarin, Macedonian, and Middle Dutch, as well as understand J-pop without having to Google dream fighter lyrics.


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“Aitakatta” and poor translations

Posted by Doug on October 26, 2008

According to the Japanese Wikipedia entry on AKB48 (as translated by the version of the Translator add-on for Firefox), “AKB48 (FOTIEITO EKEBI), Akimoto Yasu a full production by 2005, was born to a woman Idol group. Akihabara, a private theater is a theater AKB48 and performances here are almost daily.” Well, I’m glad that got cleared up.

Among the “Issues and Problems” there is a mention that “Theater BLT, such as CD and DVD will be sold at the theater, you shake hands and the novelty of mercenary participate in the purchase of tickets because, CD and NE BLT and a lot of theater and the surrounding circumstances to be dumped Has occurred.” I don’t know what I’d do if that happened to me, but at least you can buy a handshake and a hug for ¥1,300 (“The sweet-hip (1,300 yen) → purchase of a handshake and a hug from the implementation committee.”). I wonder if they have gift certificates…

Yeah, the Translator add-on is of limited use to me.

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“Yūhi wo Miteiruka?” by AKB48

Posted by Doug on October 17, 2008

I have no clue what they’re singing about. My proficiency with the Japanese language is limited to konnichiwa and itadakimasu and dattebayo and maybe a dozen other simple phrases, tops. Of course, that doesn’t stop me from liking Japanese music. Heck, I like music better when I can’t understand it, when the language barrier turns it into an audio abstract, and I can listen to the musical quality more or less unburdened by any actual content to the sounds.

However, this tends to make singing along difficult and/or embarrassing, because I know I’m getting the words horribly, horribly wrong, and I just know that any moment, some Japanese person is going to come waltzing around the corner, and laugh his or her backside off at my atrocious mangling of their native tongue. Either that or they’ll kick my ass because they think I’m making some disparaging remarks about their mother.

Of course, that doesn’t stop me from singing along, either.

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love the world

Posted by Doug on October 10, 2008

Once again, the girls of Perfume!

Not quite as catchy as “Polyrhythm” but still interesting. The three members of Perfume are known in Japan by their nicknames: Nishiwaki Ayaka is called “A-chan,” Kashino Yuka is “Kashiyuka,” and Ōmoto Ayano is “Nocchi.” I’m still not sure which one is which, though…

On a bit of a tangent, in my earlier post about them, I got their names wrong: Japanese names are family name first then personal name, and names don’t really translate. I mean, if your name is John Smith, and you went to Japan, you wouldn’t suddenly become Smith John, now would you? Likewise, if the girl’s name is Nishiwaki Ayaka, it doesn’t suddenly become Ayaka Nishiwaki just because people in some other country order their own names differently. Diversity for the win.

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“Polyrhythm” by Perfume

Posted by Doug on October 8, 2008

The group is called Perfume; the three young ladies are Ayano Ōmoto (20), Yuka Kashino (19), and Ayaka Nishiwaki (19), all of whom hail from Hiroshima, Japan.

Fotoplastik has some pics of them, but I’m still not sure which one is which.

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