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“Deploy Riflemen”

Posted by Yamane Ishi on December 2, 2008

A little over a week ago I went out to Best Buy with my nephew and I came back with two new games. One was Gears of War 2 (which I may post on later) and the other was Tom Clancy’s End War. I’ll admit the main reason I bought End War was because it came bundled with the wireless headset for the Xbox 360, a Best Buy exclusive bundle, but I had be curious about the game. So I put it in and after training the game to attempt to recognize my voice I set about conquering my little hexagon in the theater of war. Well the first few battles the voice command system worked great but as things progressed I started to give commands out faster and there is where I ran into a little trouble.

At the begining of a battle you start off with a fixed number of units and depending on how many command points you have you can call in a limited number of renforcements.  There is no resources as we know them from conventional RSTs, which I like, the only thing that could count as a resource is the uplink stations. In some game modes you have to capture and hold over half of these on the map for a givin time. In another mode you have to keep the opposing force from do the same. Some times you have the option to upgrade the uplink to call in mission support, Force Recon, Air Support and a few others.

Most of the problems I ran into were when I would call in a reserve unit, “Deploy Riflemen” I would say and nine times out of ten I would get artillery or the voice in my headset effectively telling me that I was an idiot, I didn’t disagree. I think it comes back to me trying to do alot of commands in rapid succession. It seems that i tend to slur my words. A “six” would become “sick” yet somehow the game knew what I meant but it always seem to have trouble with twelve. That being said I love the system and it is a solid game.

“Deploy Riflemen”

No not artillery. Oh well I can use that any way.

“Unit 3 move to bravo”

Crap they’re attacking it with my engineers inside.

“Unit 3 MOVE to bravo”

What do you mean order not understood.

“Unit 3 abort”

Thank you.


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Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3

Posted by Yamane Ishi on October 29, 2008

I have always been a fan of the Command & Conquer series; you could probably say that real time strategies are my favorite games. So as you can imagine I am looking forward to playing Red Alert 3 especially the Japanese side. After watching this review I wish that they would do a little innovation because all of the Command & Conquers do feel more or less the same. While that makes each new game easy to pick up and play it also makes them feel a little stale. Also another thing I noticed was they got a different Tanya . I haven’t played the game so maybe the new one does a good job but I like brunets better than blonds.

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