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Ghost in the Shell + DreamWorks << Ghost in the Shell

Posted by Doug on October 18, 2008

Motoko KusanagiFive months after Variety runs the article, I read that DreamWorks has secured rights to Masamune Shirow’s Ghost in the Shell manga, and intends on adapting it into a 3D live-action film.  To quote Han Solo, “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

I’m a GitS fanboy.  I’ve read the original manga, and Man/Machine Interface, and Human-Error Processor, and The Lost Memory, Revenge of the Cold Machines, and White Maze novels.  I’ve seen the Ghost in the Shell movie, and its sequel, Innocence.  I’ve watched Stand Alone Complex, SAC 2nd Gig, and Solid State Society more times than I probably should mention.  This is not to say I am in any way special—my point is merely that I am fairly familiar with the original work and its direct descendants.

A significant part of what I enjoy about Japanese anime, manga, and film is the cultural differences in storytelling.  Take for example Kurosawa Akira’s Seven Samurai and its American remake, John Sturges’ The Magnificent Seven.  The story in both is essentially the same: farmers are harrassed by bandits, and decide to hire warriors on the cheap to defend them, seven warriors are recruited and proceed to train the villagers to defend themselves, there is a romance subplot involving the least experienced warrior and one of the village girls, there is a climatic battle against the bandits, and ultimately only three of the seven warriors survive.

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