Taedium Edax Rerum

If there’s a bright center of the Internet, you’re on the blog that it’s farthest from.


Doug's Avatar Pic

Doug is the more verbose and less rational half of the Taedium Edax Rerum editorial staff. “Doug” actually is part of his name, but it is not the name he is known by in real life. He is the author of The Mecha Monogatari. His computers are Natsuki (an HP laptop) and Makoto (a second-hand Compaq desktop).

Doug’s favorite…

Doug finally got him a XBox Live account…

He can be reached at taediumedaxrerum@live.com.  Doug also has a Twitter feed that he will probably only update erratically, if at all.


One Response to “Doug”

  1. Press said

    Hello, “Doug”.

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