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2010 Camaro

Posted by Yamane Ishi on March 29, 2009

2010 Camaro

Yeah, I’d have to say I want one of these. I just don’t realy want to loose my truck to get one. If I was to get one it would probably be the orange one.


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Of what dreams may come.

Posted by Yamane Ishi on January 24, 2009

Before I bought my truck I thought about getting a motorcycle. I’ve always thought that they were cool and dreamed of riding down the road on one, that and they get good milage. But it just so happens that I have a speed problem and no I don’t mean the drug. I’m pretty sure that as soon as I got that motorcycle that I dreamed about I’d try and take it to it’s limits which would be well beyond my own. I’d wipe out and at those speeds no amount of fat or head gear would save me. So that’s what keep my dream in check…until now. Check this out.

From the sounds of it you would have to try and tip it over, I just wonder if I can get the color to match my truck.

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1000 words.

Posted by Yamane Ishi on January 13, 2009

Remind you of anyone you know?

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Viper ACR vs Corvette ZR1

Posted by Yamane Ishi on October 9, 2008

Record setting 7:22 lap from Viper ACR compared side by side with 7:26 lap from Corvette ZR1.

I just wander if the Corvette could bet the viper’s time.

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Lotus Evora in Gran Turismo 5 Prologue

Posted by Doug on October 9, 2008

As a fan of the Lotus Elise, I have been keeping an eye on Lotus’ newest car, the Evora, which they plan to start selling in summer of ’09.  The Evora is bigger than the Elise (2.575 m/101 in wheelbase compared to the Elise’s 2.3 m/91 in), and smooths out the curvilinear look that made me fall in love with the Elise, but Lotus expects the Evora to outperform the Elise (although I haven’t found any confirmation of its performance).

The Evora is available in Gran Turismo 5 Prologue (a game I need to buy).

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