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Death of Two Boxes

Posted by Yamane Ishi on June 17, 2009

Ok so here’s the story.  Way back when, launch day for the Xbox 360, I drove my arse thirty something miles to pick up my preordered Xbox-o-fun.  So I suffered through the dull launch line up and hearing about the “Red Ring of Death”, mine ran fine. The months dragged on much better games came out and I bought what I was interested in both crap and damn good titles. Then it happened, I got the dreaded ring…and then it went away. Cool I though, I got lucky. Yeah I don’t think so skippy, last October it finally happened. The ring of death killed my beloved Xbox. Oh well I had been looking at the new elite systems anyway so I bought one off Amazon, saved $60 too.  So after buying Gears of War 2 and playing co-op split screen with Doug I decided that I would look into getting the old launch system repaired. So I went online and filled out the form and had them send me a box to ship it off in. I sent it off and within a week they sent me a referb at no cost to me even though the warranty had expired two years ago. Cool I thought as I sent the referb home with Doug. For the next couple of weeks I bugged him to buy Gears and get on live which he did and we had fun beating Horde with just the two of us. So it’s been a few months since then and I’m setting in my chair playing [Prototype], good game, and the screen goes all weird on me. I can only describe it as the matrix code without the scrolling. Crap…I cycle power…Crap!!…it still there. I unplug the system and plug it back in…cool normal again. NOT…so it seems to go away after I unplug the system or let it set awhile. So I swap cables just to see and what does it do? It gives me the E47 message…great… So I go online again and fill at the form but this time I’m prepared, I got a box so I just print off the shipping label. What is really funny is that it died Saturday and I just sent it off today and I got the new Ghostbusters game in the mail yesterday….. Now I have to wait at least a week to play it. Oh well at least I don’t have to pay for this repair either; and even if I did I would.


4 Responses to “Death of Two Boxes”

  1. benben78 said

    That sucks mate!

    My original launch 360 died after about 8 months. I sent it for repair and when it came back it died again with a month or so, then I gave up. It was scratching my discs and stopped reading at all. MS were good by repairing it quick AND offering to replace my wrecked discs which is great, but the time without the games/console was hard.

    Good luck with the new one if you get it 🙂

  2. Thanks and I know what ya mean. I’m having withdrawal symptoms already.

  3. Doug said

    What I would like to know is why problems with Microsoft products are so infamous that they earn their own memetic names, like “Blue Screen of Death” or “Red Rings of Death”, but the problems with Sony and Nintendo products (surely they have them) don’t.

  4. Probably just because it’s Microsoft and they’re basically the big dog on the block. So if they make a mistake no matter how small it’s turned into something big.

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