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A Slice of Life with a Little Guitar on the Side

Posted by Doug on May 7, 2009

K-ON is another series in the same vein as Azumanga Daioh and Lucky Star: take a group of high school girls who are friends and lead more-or-less happy-go-lucky lives, and distill the charm from their day-to-day adventures.  K-ON adds the appeal of a pop band, and, based on the first four episodes (that I’ve finally gotten around to watching), is going to be a light and enjoyable watch.

K-ON 01 (2) K-ON 01 (3)

The main characters seem so familiar…there’s the airheaded Yui Hirasawa playing guitar, easygoing Tsumugi Kotobuki on keyboard, serious(ly moe) Mio Akiyama playing bass, and hyperactive Ritsu Tainaka on the drums…yep, a well-rounded quartet.  The pics are from the end credits, by the way—they wear much more pedestrian attire in the series (so far).

K-ON 01 (4) K-ON 01 (5)

The other three I’m rather ambivalent about, but Mio is so damn moe it isn’t funny.  I like her character design both appearance-wise (especially the eyes.  There’s actually a term for the style used to draw her eyes: tsuriume) and personality-wise (I got a weak spot for tsundere girls, guilty as charged).

Basically, the story is that Ritsu wanted to start a “Light Music Club” (read: “band”) and conned her childhood friend Mio into it.  They nab Tsumugi, who was going to join the Choir Club otherwise, and desperate for a fourth member to keep the budding club from being disbanded by the school faculty, they get Yui…who has very little focus and only a modicum of talent.  Ritsu and Yui spend most of their time getting distracted or distracting Mio, Tsumugi just goes with the flow, and poor Mio tries to be very, very serious about the band, but her deredere side and moe-ness work against her.  Four episodes in, and I think the four girls have played their instruments together all of once.

All told, I doubt this series will be worthy of being listed among the greats, but if the first four episodes are any indication, it should be enjoyable enough that I don’t regret spending my time watching it.

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