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To-Do List

Posted by Doug on April 21, 2009

Or: A Not Particularly Long Post Dedicated to Briefly Mentioning the Things I Really Ought to Post About Instead, But Just Lack the Motivation to Do So At Present Time.  This post is going to be almost entirely blah blah blah, so if that’s going to bother you, you might want to relive some of the glory slightly less sucky days of Taedium Edax Rerum, like those Japanese girls singing that really cheery yet incomprehensible song or something.

Serious blah blah blah follows.  You have been warned.

1. I need to get back in the groove of writing my novelization of the Mecha Monogatari.  I have some halfway good ideas, like Hatsutori learning how to swim and developing Ohashi more, as well as at least three more switches to different point-of-view characters to continue the storyline further down the line.

2. There is another writing project that has been swimming around in the back of my brain, a less anime-esque science/speculative fiction story in which the main character is both student, mentor, and villain simultaneously…for certain values of “simultaneously.”  If you’re thinking that I’m thinking of time travel, you are right.

3. I need to get back into creating content for this blog.  I started out posting every day, then I backed down to almost every day, then to every other day, then to three times a week, then to at least once every three days, and now…I know very few people read Taedium Edax Rerum—posts like this one don’t help—but writing anything, no matter how forced or lame or boring or whatever, helps break through the writer’s block, which is one of the things holding me back on To-Do #1 and 2.

4. I have at least two or three or a dozen or so RPG campaigns I have been meaning to run which…I haven’t.  There’s my Dungeons Rove the Land concept, the “Second Edition” of my Mecha Monogatari RPG, a few other unfinished homebrews, like the Kageryoushi Shoki, and that idea I had last week for a Dungeons & Dragons campaign inspired by the Apollo mission (yeah, NASA’s man-on-the moon program)…

5. I need to catch up on the anime I’ve downloaded but not yet watched, like K-ON, Valkyria Chronicles, and Shangri-La, as well as the borrowed copy of Desert Punk.

6. I need to finish my To-Do List, because I just don’t seem to have the

2 Responses to “To-Do List”

  1. Don’t forget about the campaign I’m running.

  2. Doug said

    I haven’t, but if this post had any point whatsoever, it was my projects I needed to work on. That and the fact that I seem incapable of finishing things that I

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