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An TWO Annoying IncidentS in a Good Game

Posted by Doug on April 7, 2009

I finally broke down and bought Star Ocean: The Last Hope the other day, and it is wonderfully addicting.  For those who don’t know, SO:TLH is a Japanese RPG for the XBox 360; your main character is Edge, who, despite being a junior officer in a interplanetary exploration organization with faster-than-light-capable starships, fights with a sword.  Then there’s his childhood best friend Reimi, who fights with a bow-and-arrow; they soon meet space elf Faize (another swordsman), and the kindergardener mage Lymle, who, having come from a technologically less advanced civilization, is the first character who has a real reason why she doesn’t fight using technology.  Then there’s cyborg Arnold Schwarzenegger (did I spell that right?) wannabe Bacchus, who has a weakness for girls in maid outfits and/or traditional gym clothes; stripperiffic catgirl Meracle; and the stripperiffic space elf chick Myuria.  There will probably be another character picked up somewhere, but I haven’t got that far yet.

In any case, SO:TLH is pretty fun (I will withhold judgment on its place in the pantheon of Great Console RPGs until I have completed it)…except when the game freezes up for no apparent reason.  Now, if this had happened yesterday night, after I had been playing for eight or nine hours straight, I would not have thought much unusual about it.  Shit sometimes happens, amirite?  However, this little lockup came after only a mere hour of gameplay today.  It locked up right here:


Fortunately, I’m a firm subscriber of the RPG Player’s Prime Directive, the most useful advice for playing RPGs ever: Save often, save frequently, save every fifteen minutes, save every time you run into a save point, save often, save before each boss fight, save after each boss fight, save, save, save, save, so I think I’ve only lost about ten minutes of my efforts…

UPDATE: It happened to me again, in the same place—the Purgatorium on Disk Two—and at the same time—during the “victory dance” animation after winning an fairly mundane fight.  Most annoying.  According to the Gamefaqs Forumgoers of Considerable Knowledge, this is an issue with the game resolution—if your XBox is set above 720p, it will freeze.  720p doesn’t look any different from 1080p to my eyes, so I will try this to see if the problem persists.


5 Responses to “An TWO Annoying IncidentS in a Good Game”

  1. I’ve noticed that on the back of games where it lists the number players and whether or not it co-op and all it also lists the resolution. On some games it only lists 720p and on others it lists 720p/1080i/1080p. I don’t know if it has anything to do with your issue or not. I just think it’s kinda funny, why can’t they make all the games 1080p?

  2. Doug said

    I checked that–on the back of the box it says “720p/1080i/1080p”. I’m just hoping that this is merely a resolution-incompatibility bug, and not what other forum-goers suggested: the early warning signs of the Red Ring of Death…

  3. It better not be the ring ’cause I gave you that console the day I got it back from Microsoft for that very issue. They sent back a refurbished system and it has a warranty on it.

  4. Doug said

    It doesn’t appear to be. The consensus online is that the game has a glitch related to the resolution setting that causes the exact symptoms I experienced; further, by setting the resolution to 720p, I have not experienced the problem again in 15+ hours of gameplay.

    And your efforts on behalf of lazy, out-of-work gamers is most appreciated.

  5. […] An TWO Annoying IncidentS in a Good Game […]

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