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Rideback, “Master of War”

Posted by Doug on March 19, 2009

rideback-10-2 rideback-10-3

I knew that the anti-GGP rally was going to end badly, but I did not expect it to turn out like this… While Rin and Tamayo are sneaking around, trying not to get arrested, Suzuri, Hishida and Kawai join the protest, with Suzuri showing off both her budding interest in ridebacks and her Rin Ogata fangirlishness by dressing up in Rin’s riding suit (or one just like it) and riding Balon (one of the rideback club’s other models)…which leads her to be mistaken for the “Mysterious Rideback Girl”…by the GGP…who chase Suzuri down…

And kill her.

rideback-10-5 rideback-10-4

This was not the fate I was expecting at all for Suzuri.  I was rather ambivalent about her character up until now, because with the buildup of her learning to ride and her desire to be just like Rin, I was expecting Suzuri’s talent to come into play during the Final Showdown at a critical moment during the final episode, where she show us she’s been practicing by doing something like taking out a White Ride when Rin was caught in a jam…but it seems Rin will have to save herself now.

I say Rin has been passive for far too long.  It’s time for the return of the Mysterious Rideback Girl, time for the Chosen One to start believing in herself…or at the very least, start believing in her friends, who believed in her…

rideback-10-6 rideback-10-7

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