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Rideback, “Sunny Spot in the Garden”

Posted by Doug on March 13, 2009

rideback-09-3 rideback-09-4

After the GGP got their asses handed to them by the BMA last episode, Romanov gets his knickers in a twist and decides to quell the rebellion by being a complete jerk to everybody: he declares martial law and outlaws ridebacks.  Naturally this prompts some civil-rights protests—another problem Romanov now will have to  resolve.  Pro tip: if you’re trying to solve a problem, make sure your solution won’t cause more problems.  Now, seeing how assuming he’s the big bad, he might want the public to protest; maybe the riots will play into his hands somehow.

rideback-09-5 rideback-09-6

After Rin has spent some time trapped in the middle of all this plotting and scheming between the GGP and the BMA, she makes a reasonable decision and swears to never ride ridebacks again…but come on, we know she’s going to dramatically swing her cute little bod in slow-motion right back into the saddle the moment her friends are in danger…which will be next episode (the Rideback Club members who aren’t on the lam decide to join an anti-GGP rally, and we know that’s going to turn out well).

rideback-09-7 rideback-09-2


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