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Rideback, “Get Ride! The Chosen One”

Posted by Doug on March 10, 2009

rideback-08-1 rideback-08-2

Why does every anime end up reminding me of Neon Genesis Evangelion?  In this episode of Rideback, we learn that Kiefer believes that Fuego (a motorcycle/mecha) chose Rin to drive/ride it because she could synchronize with it on a quite-obviously-extraordinary level.  The moment Kiefer said that, I instantly thought, “Oh, crap—Rin’s mother Yuki’s soul is in Fuego!  This is going to end with a hug from a creepy albino girl and pop! Everybody turns into Tang!”

But setting that aside, it comes as no surprise that Morpheus Kiefer, Gendo Romanov, and Cyrano Okakura were all in the same unit back during The War.  Naturally, Kiefer’s BMA and Romanov’s GGP are at odds, and both seem bent on dragging Okakura and Rin into the middle of everything: Okakura because apparently he’s a badass, and Rin because apparently she is the One.  I was halfway expecting Kiefer to be portrayed a little more sympathetically (the enemy of the GGP which is my enemy is my ally), but instead he just came across as really creepy.

rideback-08-3 rideback-08-4

There really isn’t much to say that I haven’t already said about Rideback… It’s probably too much to ask for Rin to start taking more of an active role in the events that are taking place around her, so I’m just hoping that next episode, Okakura sits Rin down and starts explaining to her the history between him and Kiefer and Romanov and what exactly Fuego is. Either that or a beach episode.  Show off some swimsuits, break a watermelon with a baseball bat, splash water at each other like kindergardeners…nah, I don’t see that happening.  The vibe of this series just isn’t right for that sort of truly gratuitous fanservice; indeed, if they were to have such an episode, it would seriously lower my opinion of Rideback.

rideback-08-5 rideback-08-6

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