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Rideback, “Crime and Punishment”

Posted by Doug on March 7, 2009

rideback-07-2 rideback-07-3

Rin’s little brother Kenji has gotten himself into a world of trouble this time, and he’s even managed to drag his well-intentioned big sis further into the mess, not by heroically fighting for his friends, but by his hooliganery. I fear for the kid—not because I feel he should go unpunished (quite the opposite. He’s a delinquent and needs some time in juvy), but because there is a bad tendency for redemption to come at a steep price in fiction, and really, vandalizing a few cars and violating most of the traffic code shouldn’t result in some sort of karmic death penalty. My guess is that Kenji is going to be taken away by the GGP and brainwashed into being one of their stormtroopers driving one of the GGP’s new WhiteRides…which will put him into direct opposition with his sister, who looks like she’s about to start settling into her new job as the BMA’s messiah.

Or not.  I really don’t see Rin just going along with whatever this Kiefer guy says.

rideback-07-4 rideback-07-5

And in other news, it appears that Okakura is starting to show his badass nature with the classic punch-out-the-two-guys-in-the-car-that-are-following-him routine. Well, technically he shot one of them, but some variant of that scene has been done over nine thousand times before.

All told, I am really liking this series: Ogata Rin is an interesting character, not butch, but not a hopeless moe-moe blob, either. The ridebacks, while ridiculous (come on, that’s right up there with sky-skateboarding mecha, mecha with extensionn cords for power, and steam-powered mecha. In order to get sillier, you’d need a coal-powered mecha with an android elementary school catgirl stoker dual-wielding shovels made of titanium and love*), are pretty cool (I prefer lithe, agile mecha over big, monstrous ones). There are villainous villains (at about 16:25, Romanov does the Gendo Ikari pose), and heroic heroes and heroines (Rin for the latter, more likely than not Okakura for the former). It has all the elements of a great anime…

…Now here’s to hoping they don’t fsck it up like some other series that are best left unnamed.

rideback-07-6 rideback-07-7

*And you know, I’m surprised nobody has done this yet. Have I just discovered my next big project after the Mecha Monogatari?


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