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Rideback, “Lightning Speed Ride”

Posted by Doug on March 3, 2009

rideback-06-0 rideback-06-1

After spending the last episode thinking that the true identity of the long-black-haired “Mysterious Rideback Girl” was the short-blonde-haired Kataoka Tamayo, our intrepid reporter Yoda finally gets a clue…which is subsequently confirmed beyond a shadow of a doubt for her when Rin goes toe-to-toe with the GGP’s new White Rides, a rideback anti-terrorist military police unit, and kicks their asses.

You see, Rin’s younger brother Keiji has gotten himself in with the wrong crowd, a group of hoodlums with an as-of-yet unnamed financial backer, and while they were cruising around town in stolen ridebacks, minding their own business of wrecking other people’s cars, the GGP decided to step in and deal with them.  Keiji was about to get turned into a greasy spot when Rin jumped in to save the day…again…but there’s no way she’s escaping this time.  It looks like Rin and Keiji are going to get to spend some time in the Iron Bars Hotel.

rideback-06-2 rideback-06-3

Romanov clearly recognized the white-haired rideback guy that helped Rin in episode 4, and they aren’t friends.  “When I find him, I’ll need to kill him again,” Romanov says; not only is Romanov a Bad Guy, but he is a terribly inefficient one (killing somebody once is usually enough).

So the question becomes: is White-Haired Dude a Good Guy?  Usually, in anime, white-haired characters are tricksters, traitors, or villains (or a combination thereof.  There are, of course, exceptions, which I will not detail here).  But Romanov seems to be the Main Villain, and in these sorts of situations in anime, the enemy of my enemy is my friend (and White-Haired Dude did help Rin out…).  For some reason, I doubt that both groups will be equally villainous, so my slightly educated guess is that White-Haired Dude is going to be Rin’s ally.

I was originally attracted to Rideback based on a single promotional image, that of Rin seated atop Fuego that I came across on one of the official websites.  I doubt it will earn a place in my book as one of the greatest anime ever (there is some stiff competition there), but so far it is a solid title with an intriguing political angle that is usually glossed over in anime…and I’m hoping they will keep it up for the rest of the series (six more episodes, or so I’ve heard).

rideback-06-5 rideback-06-6

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