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Rideback, “The Mysterious Rideback Girl”

Posted by Doug on February 26, 2009

rideback-05-2 rideback-05-3

Well, Rin did not manage her heroics without attracting more than a little attention—it seems some video of her got filmed (or CCDed.  This is near-future Japan, after all).  In any case, freelance journalist Yoda Megumi has come to the conclusion, based on the pictures of a girl with long black hair on a rideback from the terrorist incident, that the “mysterious rideback girl” is Kataoka Tamayo…who has short blonde hair.  Of course, the fact that Tamayo is related to a politician and a cop makes for such a wonderful story, so one could easily forgive her for flat-out ignoring that glaringly obvious point.  I mean, really: the disparity of the hair color is never even brought up, nor does she think any different when she goes to the Rideback Club and meets a girl in the Rideback Club with long black hair who is wearing the exact same dress as the mysterious rideback girl.


[Edit: see note below]

rideback-05-4 rideback-05-5

That aside, it was pretty obvious from the beginning that Cyrano de Bergerac Okakura was more than some random club advisor.  I knew he was something extraordinary back in the first episode where he was trying to fix Fuego during Rin’s near-disasterous first ride, and he was not at all distracted by his clear view of Rin’s pantsu.  In anime, this by itself it enough to mark a man as one of a rare breed.

But now Rin’s actions have earned the attention of the various political factions, not only for herself, but for Tamayo and Okakura, too.

rideback-05-6 rideback-05-7

Note: In the next episode Yoda finally gets a clue (thanks to her lackey, Sato), and begins associating Rin with the Mysterious Rideback Girl, even remembering that she met her at the University when she visited the Rideback Club. Still, it is ridiculous that Yoda never mentioned the difference in hair color/style in this episode.


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