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Rideback, “Shōko’s Critical Moment”

Posted by Doug on February 23, 2009

rideback-04-2 rideback-04-3

Now the BMA has entered, stage left, with a move that is certain to win the hearts and minds of the general populace: they bomb a shopping center and take everyone inside hostage…while promising they’re not murderers. Yeah. Sure. Explode a bomb, shoot off some submachine guns, take civilians hostage…

<sarcasm>Wonderful PR campaign there, guys.</sarcasm>

rideback-04-4 rideback-04-5

Of course, Shōko gets caught up in the middle of all this mess, and since nobody remembered to tell Rin that she’s not a superheroine, the former ballet star college student rideback aficionado charges into the fray to rescue her friend with the handlebar hairdo (as an aside, Shōko’s hair always reminds me of the pyromaniac leading lady of Witch Hunter Robin. I’m always half-expecting Shōko to do the human flamethrower routine). Rin, riding Fuego, busts in, rescues Shōko, and makes her escape, only to be mistaken for one of the BMA terrorists by the very trigger-happy GGP Public Security Force. She manages to escape this little pickle she found herself in with some help from a creepy white-haired probable terrorist rideback rider who tells her that Fuego “chose” her. It looks like somebody just got promoted to the Chosen One…

rideback-04-6 rideback-04-7


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