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Rideback, Episode 3

Posted by Doug on February 20, 2009

rideback-03-1 rideback-03-2

Well, I was actually a little surprised by what happened: During the Big Race, Tamayo (who is, of course, in the lead, as befits the top rideback racer in Japan) manages to annoy a couple of other racers, the Unpleasant Goon Brothers. Rin is slowly catching up, thanks to some last-minute tweaking of her rideback. Unpleasant Goon #1 decides to kamikaze Tamayo to take her out of the race, slamming into her and sending them both off the track…

I was thinking, “Yeah, Rin’s going to catch up and duel Unpleasant Goon #2 for a photo finish, taking home the cup and earning some respect among her peers.” It made sense: isn’t that what always happens in these sorts of things? But…nope. It didn’t happen that way. Tamayo jumps back on the track; Rin’s engine blows, causing her to be unable to finish the race; and Tamayo wins the race like the pro she is. It looks like Tamayo will have to wait until next year to “settle things” with Rin.

Didn’t see that one coming, nosiree.

rideback-03-3 rideback-03-4

An okay episode, this one was; there was some more developments in the political power-struggles story arc, unbeknownst to Rin & Company, but still it seemed a little ho-hum. I suppose they’re just setting up the rest of the major story arcs, so this doesn’t hurt my opinion of the series, really. Karenbach, the Commander of the GGP’s Public Security Force, is a standard-issue villain: he hasn’t done much yet, but it’s clear from the way he talks he’s manipulative, ambitious, and amoral. Of course, a guileless, laid-back, moral individual makes a poor villain (imagine Star Wars with Mr. Rogers instead of the Emperor. Not quite the same, is it?).

From the end-of-episode preview, It seems next episode is going to introduce the terrorists that oppose and are opposed by the GGP. The Good Guys are Rin and the Mushashino University Rideback Team; Karenbach and his GGP are set to be the Bad Guys. It is yet to be seen how far along the Good Guys/Bad Guys spectrum the BMA falls.

rideback-03-5 rideback-03-6

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