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Idiot’s guide to making a deity.

Posted by Yamane Ishi on February 1, 2009

How many times have you tried to make a God? And by that I mean stat one up in fourth edition Dungeons & Dragons. Way back before I can remember, a couple of years ago, I created a character for a campaign that Doug was going to run. By the nature of the campaign and there only being one player the character was epic 3.5 to begin with and a gestalt rouge-fighter. Well through a series of unfortunate evens, or very fortunate depending how you look at it, he acquired divine ranks and became a god.

Well now it’s my turn to have a go at wreaking mischief upon player characters and I’ve decided to use my character as a major deity within the campaign. It may come to pass that I will need to stat him up as a monster. Now that shouldn’t be too hard right? Except that he had some pretty amazing ability in his 3.5 incarnation. So now I have to create abilities for him that at least resemble to some degree ones that he had without making him massively overwhelming;  cause let’s face it, what’s the point to a big baddy if the characters have no hope in hell of wining. So how do you convert a character that could take on a Great Wyrm Prismatic Dragon as is it was a bug bear to something that 5 level 30s 4e characters can face? Where did I put my Idiot’s guide creating Deities?

One Response to “Idiot’s guide to making a deity.”

  1. Doug said

    Fortunately, 4E makes this process significantly easier than 3.0/3.5 did. All you really need to know to build the “crunch” is on pages 56 and 184-5 of the DMG, and then you adjust things as needed to get the “fluff” right. If you end up with something similar in power to Orcus (MM pg 206) or Tiamat (Draconomicon pg 244), you know you’re on the right track.

    Then when the time comes to put your creation into battle, you can adjust the difficulty on the fly pretty easily using the rules for customizing monsters on DMG pg 174.

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