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Rideback, “Tamayo is the Best?”

Posted by Doug on January 26, 2009

Well, it seems Rin’s little joyride on Fuego caught the attention of the Rideback Club’s leader, Kataoka Tamayo, who wastes little time challenging the newb to a race. This is something of a rule for the leader/president/captain of a club in any level of the Animeland Japanese education system: challenge all newcomers to some form of a duel that they have virtually zero chance of doing well in, much less actually winning. If they lose, no big loss. If they actually do well or, Haruhi forbid, win, then lavish all your club’s resources on helping them rise to the top, because that’s your clue that the newcomer is the main character of the show. Regardless of what you might do, when the dust settles, they will be number one, and you might as well get on the winning team early and not look like more of a prick than you already do.

rideback-02-2 rideback-02

Needless to say, Rin ends up in the drink early in the race, but the race continues, and Tamayo’s wipeout (caused by one of those evil, evil Animeland cats) puts her in the hospital, where she declares that new or not, Rin is going to the next competition.

rideback-02-3 rideback-02-4

While Rin is enjoying her idyllic first few days of college, there also seems to be something brewing between the political powers of the world. The BMA and the GGP and “the subcomittee” the old guy mentions at the start of the episode are moving in mysterious ways, ways that will no doubt result in Rin ending up in the middle of whatever they are planning. I have a sneaking suspicion that Rin’s younger brother Kenji is going to end up a part of the “criminal” BMA group, whatever they may be, and of course Rin will be diametrically opposed. Nothing like a little extreme sibling rivalry to spice up an anime.


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