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Asu no Yoichi!, “The Samurai is Coming!”

Posted by Doug on January 11, 2009

Thirteen seconds. That’s how long it took for Asu no Yoichi! to start the fanservice. This is not a complaint. I like it when a show is up front about such things.

asu-no-yoichi-5 asu-no-yoichi-6

Seventeen-year-old Karasuma Yoichi has lived his whole life in the mountainous backwoods of Japan, chilling with the foxes and bears, and using his Ukiha Kamikaze style kenjutsu to catch fish. His father is tired of Yoichi kicking his butt, and since Yoichi has never been to the big city before, he sends him to the city to get arrested for walking around hitting people with his bokken and assaulting young women live with some friends of the family.

asu-no-yoichi-7 asu-no-yoichi-8

The friends of the family are the Ikaruga sisters: Ibuki, Ayame, Chihaya, and Kagome. Like many anime households, there are no adults. The oldest is Ibuki, who handles the household chores and teaches kenjutsu in the family dojo. Next-oldest is Ayame, who likes to shop. Then there is Chihaya, who is into yaoi. The youngest is Kagome, and her designated role in the harem is to get lost in the mall.

asu-no-yoichi-11 asu-no-yoichi-10

Now, here’s a bit of a complaint: take a look at the picture above of the four girls standing together.  Do they look the least bit related?  Of course not!  If they looked similar, not only would that be realistic (can’t have that), but then all the fanboy preferences wouldn’t be covered (DEFINITELY can’t have that).  There’s got to be something for everyone. It’s kind of like they have a checklist: “Long hair: check; short hair: check; tsundere: check; dojikko: check; big boobs: check; small boobs: check; zettai ryouiki: check; yaoi fangirl: check; loli: check…”

asu-no-yoichi-2 asu-no-yoichi-12

So, on his first day in the big city, Yoichi surprises one of his future housemates in a dressing room and gropes her, plants his face into the crotch of another, and gets taken to the koban by the police multiple times. It’s the Urashima Keitaro school of first impressions: make them as bad as possible, because then it can only get better.

asu-no-yoichi-3 asu-no-yoichi-4

I don’t know why I found Asu no Yoichi! as amusing as I did, because it is pretty formulaic harem-comedy anime. No doubt every fanservice trope and cliche will be dragged out, from the requisite beach episode and trip to the onsen to some cosplay and accidental exposure around the house.  But I will keep watching as along as it is amusing enough, because in the end, that’s all that really matters.


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