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Kannagi, “Jin, Lovestruck”

Posted by Doug on December 29, 2008

Well, it’s the end of the first (and possibly only, but more on that in a minute) season of Kannagi, and not much has changed.  Jin and Nagi get their relationship straightened out (okay, well, maybe straightened out isn’t the best term for it, because it’s still kind of tangled, but at least Nagi has returned to the Mikuriya residence and gotten the whole “I have no clue who I am or what I’m doing” business off her very flat chest).  Nagi’s back at home, all’s right with the world.

kannagi 13 01 kannagi 13 02

In all my Googling, I haven’t been able to find any reference to a second season of Kannagi.  Certainly, the series needs another thirteen episodes to deal with all the loose threads in the story, but between mangaka Takenashi Eri’s health problems and the fanboy-rage backlash over Nagi’s ex (don’t get me started…just don’t), it would not surprise me if there wasn’t.

kannagi 13 03 kannagi 13 05

Still, I’m hoping.  In all ways but one, I really like Kannagi.  The characters, major and minor, are interesting, engaging, fun.  The art style is great.  Voice acting: I can’t understand what they’re saying without the subtitles, but I can hear the emotions, and it sounds good.  Music: not bad, but not distractingly ungood; nothing really stands out like the Pillows’ songs in FLCL or any Kanno Yoko soundtrack (Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, many, many others).  Everything is top-notch, except for…the storyline.

kannagi 13 04 kannagi 13 06

The story is the one part of Kannagi I’m not too thrilled with: if it was a slice-of-life series, with no grand arc, I could accept a bunch of marginally related stories.  But Kannagi isn’t a slice-of-life series.  It has the first half of a grand story arc…but not the second half, and even in the first half seemingly significant elements are introduced and flat-out ignored (they toyed with the impurity-bugs for, what?  Two episodes?).  Kannagi really, really needs a second season.  Ending it here would be like ending Neon Genesis Evangelion after only the first thirteen episodes…uh, wait a second, that’s not really a good comparison…nevermind that.  Is it weird that this series has many times reminded me of Evangelion?  I mean, they are nothing alike.

I hope they aren’t, anyways.  Of course it could turn out that Nagi and Zange merge like Gendo Ikari and [lengthy, off-topic, grammar-free, and slightly hysterical ranting about the, oh, how shall we say it? unique imagery in The End of Evangelion deleted to preserve the public’s sanity] and then Tsugumi looks up and tells Jin how disgusting he is.  I mean, if that shit happens, I’m swearing off both anime and orange juice forever!

Ahem.  Well, now that I got that out of my system, back to the subject at hand.  What was I talking about?  Oh, yeah, Kannagi.  I liked the anime, but the story isn’t finished, and might not be finished.  At the very least, I hope the manga comes stateside, but that might be just as unlikely.


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