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Catching Up: Toradora!

Posted by Doug on December 13, 2008

As far as anime characters go, I have a soft spot for the tsundere girls. Chidori Kaname, Narusegawa Naru, Higurashi Kagome, Ogiue Chika, Tosaka Rin, Hiiragi Kagami, Kuga Natsuki, and of course Soryu Asuka Langley all make this pathetic fanboy smile*. So, naturally the character of Aisaka Taiga held a certain appeal.

vlcsnap-00011 vlcsnap-00053

I saw the first episode of Toradora! a couple months ago (I think) and had been meaning to catch up on it, but <lie style=”type: blatant; truth-content: none”>I’ve been really, really busy</lie>. The premise of Toradora! is this: the oh-so-tsundere “Palmtop Tiger” Aisaka Taiga likes the affable class vice-president Kitamura Yusaku; neat freak nice-guy-who-looks-like-a-yakuza Takasu Ryuji likes Cloudcuckoolander Kushieda Minori.  Ryuji accidentally picks up a love-letter Taiga wrote for Yusaku (well, not really a letter per se, but a love…envelope…), Taiga tries to kill Ryuji in his sleep, Ryuji makes Taiga breakfast and then agrees to help Taiga woo Yusaku while trying to win Minori for himself.  As they say, “hilarity ensues.”

vlcsnap-000041 vlcsnap-00034

Of course, whenever there is a Love Quadrilateral where A loves B and C loves D (without the desired level of romantic reciprocation), invariably A and C team up to help each other gain the affections of B and D, respectively, and we all know that means that A and C will become a couple as the finale of that story arc. I mean, really—has there ever been such a circumstance where A and C actually succeed in their goals (A ends up with B, and C ends up with D)?  I can’t think of one.

vlcsnap-00026 vlcsnap-00057

I’ve only gotten around to watching the first six episodes of Toradora! so far, and although amusing, I’m not going to follow it on this blog episode-by-episode like I have Kannagi, mainly because I’ve started too late (only two episodes not aired yet, I think). Still, it’s fun to watch—if nothing else, the exaggerated expressions the characters frequently affect are priceless (see screencap #6 above).

* Now in real life, tsundere are usually referred to as “bipolar” and bipolar people scare me, bipolar young women doubly so. But reality sucks, so who cares about that?


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