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Kannagi, “Embarrassing School Comedy”

Posted by Doug on December 1, 2008

Of course, everyone misunderstands what had happened between Jin, Nagi, and Daitetsu in the previous episode, especially the busybodies in the Art Club. Kimura, Ōkouchi, and Akiba get Tsugumi all worked up over the possibility of some Jin + Daitetsu yaoi action, leading her to starting a rumor to that effect that spreads throughout the school at speeds in utter defiance of constraints of special relativity. Naturally, she didn’t mean to start the rumor. How was Tsugumi to know people might overhear what she screamed at the top of her lungs in the middle of a crowded hallway at school?

Tsugumi Tells All It Wasn't That Funny...

Thus, Jin has a rather bad day at school. Fortunately, once he gets home, he can have some peace and quiet, without worrying about anyone harassing him.

Caution!  Getnaðarlimur! Why Me?

Yeah, right.

Jin gets to spend the afternoon with Nagi, Zange, and Tsugumi as they regale embarrassing stories from his youth, check out his baby pictures, and talk about the size of his getnaðarlimur (which, adding insult to injury, Tsugumi describes as “ordinary”). Then the three devise a plan to eliminate the rumors: have Tsugumi and Zange flirt with him at school. How could such a brilliant strategy go wrong?

Turned to the Dark Side Things Are Worse Now, Thanks

This is how: everyone misconstrues everything once again, and Jin gets labeled as someone who’ll go after anything, male or female. There’s a lesson to be learned from this, folks: people who want to believe a rumor will not be swayed by attempts to prove it false, logic or evidence be damned.

I’ve heard (I forget where) that Kannagi will only run for twelve (or was it thirteen?) episodes.  In that case, there isn’t much time to wrap up the loose threads, especially the ones about Nagi’s divinity and the person she mentioned she liked back in the fourth episode.  I’m hoping that they manage to cover everything in the last three (four?) episodes without rushing things too much.

Strange as it may sound, I’m hoping they don’t drag this series out into a second season.  As much as I like Kannagi, I don’t think there is enough to it to stay interesting for much longer, and I’d much rather have a short, sweet series that left me wanting more than a long, tedious series that left me wishing they had ended it back when it was still charming and fun.


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