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Kannagi, “Hill of Straying Storm”

Posted by Doug on November 24, 2008

I’m not sure why, but even though so much of Kannagi is predictable, I’m still enjoying it. I mean, from the word go, the fact that it was raining meant that one of Jin and Nagi’s friends was going to be stuck out in the rain and would seek refuge at their place, and that they would become suspicious of Jin and Nagi’s “brother and sister” story as their time at chez Mikuriya progressed.

Nagi Daitetsu Freaks Out

In this case the FSOITR* is Daitetsu, the big scary-looking guy who likes kittens. Even though he seems is dull-witted sometimes, he picks up on the fact that something isn’t quite right with Jin and Nagi, given that they’re supposed to be siblings. Daitetsu’s hyperactive imagination goes wild, leading to some wonderfully hilarious visualizations.  Note: Jin + inumimi = bad, Nagi + nekomimi = good.

Daitetsu's Overactive Imagination Nekomimi Nagi

In any case, Nagi scares the wits out of Daitetsu (not a particularly difficult challenge, I know, but…), leaving him to run off into the stormy night, whereupon Nagi’s more powerful alter ego makes another appearance.

It's Not Like That, Really Nagi

Still, it seems quite contradictory that while I decry Western animation (indeed, all of Western television and movies) for being formulaic and predictable, I laud anime despite it being just as formulaic and predictable.  Maybe it is just that the formulas are different.  Maybe I have double standards.  Maybe I just like what I like, and there is no deeper meaning behind it.

Nah, that can’t be it.

*FSOITR = Friend Stuck Out In The Rain. But you already had that figured out, right?


2 Responses to “Kannagi, “Hill of Straying Storm””

  1. nani said

    what the pot is this

  2. nani said

    inside joke ^^^^

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