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Why? Why Why Why Why Why?

Posted by Doug on November 18, 2008

There was a time when I called myself a Trekkie without reservation.  I watched it on TV.  I saw the movies.  I read the novels.  I bought the technical manuals.  FASA’s roleplaying game was my gateway drug into the hobby.  I even tried my hand at writing my own fan fiction…more than once.  Star Trek was awesome.  The original series?  Awesome.  The Next Generation?  Awesomer.

Deep Space Nine…not so much so.  It wasn’t a bad show, in my opinion, but it wasn’t Star Trek, not really.  Whatever happened to the boldly going?  Nah, take all the strange new worlds and new life and new civilizations, toss it, and give us a run-of-the-mill science fiction-ish war story with the occassional Klingon.  Oh, they had a little of the Trek flavor, but it was diluted, like a cup of Earl Grey poured into a tall glass of Lipton, topped off with a couple ice cubes.

I didn’t see much of Voyager, but it seemed to be heading back in the right direction…kind of.  They were exploring worlds of sufficient newness and strangeness, but then again, they weren’t doing it willingly.  It was more like, “Well, we took a wrong turn at Qo’noS, and we’re terribly lost, so we might as well admire the scenery while we try desperately to get back to Federation space.”  This is not what I consider “boldly going.”

Enterprise I will not comment upon.

I think the problem was that when Gene Roddenberry died, his vision—the core ideas that made Star Trek awesome—died with him.  The bigwigs at Paramount decided that quantity was vastly more important than quality.  People loved Star Trek, so why not give them more?  And more?  And more?  Why not keep stuffing them full of Star Trek until they’re sick of it?  Makes perfect sense to me.

And this brings me to today’s embedded video, a trailer of the new Star Trek movie that’s coming out…oh, sometime or another.  Movie trailers are supposed to make you excited about the movie, not leave you shaking your head, asking Why? over and over again.

I hope I’m wrong about this one. I really, really hope I’m wrong, because this movie looks like it’s going to suck mugato balls.

EDIT: Originally, I found this trailer over at Trailer Addict, but WordPress wouldn’t let me embed it for some odd reason, so I had to resort to the ol’ tried and true YouTube.


One Response to “Why? Why Why Why Why Why?”

  1. Yamane Ishi said

    Before seeing the trailer I would have for the most part agreed with you. I have had more then a few reservations about them making a Star Trek reboot movie. I always felt that should have picked up where Nemesis left off with a new series. Nemesis was at best a mediocre Trek movie but the state that it left the Trek universe in would have made a good setting for a new ship based series. After seeing the trailer, well this could be just what Star Trek needs, or it could suck horribly. I do think that the movie will benefit from the advance in special effects as long as they don’t good over the top. As for the acting it looked decent in the trailer I just hope they don’t take themselves to seriously.

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