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Kannagi, “A Cutie in a Big Pinch…”

Posted by Doug on November 16, 2008

Synopsis: Jin wanted to record a show for Nagi, and accidentally recorded over another show she had recorded but not yet watched, so Nagi shuts herself in Jin’s closet and refuses to come out, and ultimately all their friends come over and try to convince Nagi to come out.  This is one odd bit of Japanese culture that pops up quite frequently in anime, it seems: when you and one of your friends are having a spat, all your other friends end up butting in to try and help matters, which never succeeds.  I mean, sure, it makes for some good comedy, but really, does this ever really work?

Tsugumi Panics Waiting Outside the Closet

Of course, there is one among the Art Club members who possesses the technological might to resolve this issue—the man, the legend, the otaku, Akiba Meguru! Akiba brings a recording of the show Nagi had wanted to watch as a peace offering on Jin’s behalf; of course, Akiba is both on the cutting edge of technology (he recorded the episode on a Blue-ray disc, and Jin doesn’t even have a DVD player) and quite behind the times (as a back-up, Akiba also brought a copy on Betamax. It may be a Sony, but…).

A Hero Appears Uh...okaaaaaaay...

Needless to say (but I’m going to say it anyways), this was a fun little episode, with lots of exaggerated expressions and a clever bit that used the first-person viewpoint of a cockroach. And, just like in real life, Jin and Nagi worked their problem out more or less on their own. They should have just done that to begin with, but then again, if they had, there wouldn’t be much to the episode, now would there?

Nagi watching her some TV


Okay, this is just ridiculous.  I read over at Sankaku Complex that the otaku are all up in arms over Nagi being “second-hand,” i.e. not a virgin. Oh. My. Goddess. I thought I had no life. I thought I was a hopeless fanboy, but I’m downright normal compared to these guys. Boycotting the show and tearing up the manga you spent your parents’ hard-earned money to buy? Come on. I mean, really, what the heck does it matter? Kannagi‘s a fun, charming anime regardless. Nagi is a likable character. And it’s not like it was suddenly revealed that Nagi had a love child with some dude—all this angst is prompted merely by a reference to Nagi having had a boyfriend before. That’s it: she had a previous boyfriend. It’s not the end of the world. So, to the fanboys out there, screaming and flailing about as if Nagi were cheating on you instead of being a fictional character that even if she existed wouldn’t have anything to do with you: please quit being so damn pathetic.  You’re giving the rest of us pathetic losers a bad name.


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