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Real Drive, “Infinity”

Posted by Doug on November 4, 2008

Well, in a turn of events that surprised almost no one, Souta dumped his girlfriend for an android chick that was designed after her appearance.  I can’t blame the guy.  I mean, really: Holon has a wonderfully pleasant personality, isn’t bad looking, will never age, can kick serious ass in hand-to-hand combat, and buys Souta some sneakers.  What isn’t to like?

Real Drive

Besides, it’s looking like his old GF, the “First Princess” Erica Patricia Takanami, the Secretary-General of the Trustee Committee of the Island, is going to end up in an adversarial role. Plus, no sneakers for Souta. Not even a serviceable pair of flip-flops.

Real Drive

Hmm…that last pic wouldn’t make a bad desktop…but I think I’ll keep Nagi up for now. Although I like the shot, I don’t really like her character, plus the resolution (1280×720) isn’t what I prefer (usually I go for 1440×900 or better).  Now, had it been Holon instead of Takanami, and the two goons at the sides were missing, I might have decided 1280×720 was good enough.  C’est la vie.

I almost thought this episode would focus around Souta & Holon and the political goings-on of the Island, and not have Minamo at all. No such luck, although it was halfway through the episode before she made an appearance…eating ice cream and talking about skin-care products with her friends. Yes, stuff like this is what “slice-of-life” is made of.  But I have a soft spot for slice-of-life anime (such as Azumanga Daioh and Lucky Star), so it’s all good.


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