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Posted by Doug on October 31, 2008

I didn’t know Wal-Mart carried Pocky.


Any anime fan knows Pocky, even if they don’t know it by name.  Whenever they show a group sitting around eating snacks, invariably the collection of snack items will include some stick-like things.  Those are Pocky.  If I recall correctly, Mizuho from Please Teacher* was quite fond of them, although they were called “Pochy” in the anime, probably to avoid trademark infringement or something.

I’ve always wanted to try Pocky.  I had already tried one of the other classics I had seen in anime: Ramune soda, in the Codd-neck bottle.  As a novelty, Ramune is very cool, especially the bottle (which I still have).  As a drink, Ramune was underwhelming, to say the least.

And how does Pocky taste?  I’ve only tried the chocolate ones so far, and they’re…underwhelming.  The chocolate covering is like dark chocolate and not very sweet, not at all like most chocolates I’ve tasted before.

But for 93¢ a package, it was worth it just to see for myself.

*Oh, and Please Teacher is #1 on the “Top Ten Anime That Are NOT Porn But Totally Sound Like It” list.  #2 would probably be Big O.


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