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Kannagi, “Sisters”

Posted by Doug on October 28, 2008

Yes, it’s officially a Love Hexagon, with Jin, Nagi, Tsugumi, Zange, Kimura, and the as-of-yet-unnamed person who Nagi mentioned she liked in episode 3. Of course, I know Kimura, as a minor character, does not have a chance, but she still could be used to create a little drama (that, and I just like her character).

Kannagi - Zange  and Nagi

Nagi and Zange are incarnations of the same deity, it seems, split into two because the people in ancient times were too lazy to figure out a way to build a bridge to cross the river. In any case, they are not “sisters” in a literal sense, they are different versions of the same being.

Kannagi - Zange Kannagi - Knock, Knock

…but then again, they’re not that different, either. Both are arrogant and selfish, but Zange, as the imōto (younger sister), seems to be a little more villainous, despite her cute-and-helpless act. Of course Zange is going to latch onto Jin—in a harem anime, if a character is introduced as the sister of another character, they automatically become a romantic rival. It is required of the genre (there are a few notable exceptions, such as Megumi from Ah My Goddess).

Now, in the next episode, they need to introduce whoever it is that Nagi was thinking about when she said she already had someone she liked, and bonus points will be awarded if this mystery man likes Zange and can’t stand Nagi OR instantly falls for Tsugumi.

Of course, it will probably be both.


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