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The Mecha Monogatari: Appendix I – the Ranks of the Rikujō Jieitai

Posted by Doug on October 27, 2008

The Rikujō Jieitai (陸上自衛隊, Ground Self-Defense Force) is Japan’s army.  The ranks of the Rikujō Jieitai are as follows:

Rank Short Form Translation
santō rikushi sanshi private third class, recruit
nitō rikushi nishi private second class
ittō rikushi isshi private first class
rikushichō shichō leading private, corporal
santō rikusō sansō sergeant third class
nitō rikusō nisō sergeant second class
ittō rikusō issō sergeant first class
rikusōchō sōchō sergeant major
jun rikui juni warrant officer
santō rikui sani second lieutenant
nitō rikui nii first lieutenant
ittō rikui ichii captain
santō rikusa sansa major
nitō rikusa nisa lieutenant colonel
ittō rikusa issa colonel
rikushōho shōho major general
rikushō shō lieutenant general
rikujō bakuryōchō bakuryōchō general, chief of staff

Titan pilot candidates are conscripted as santō rikushi; once they complete basic pilot selection, they are promoted to ittō rikushi and transferred to one of the four titan pilot academies. When they complete academy training, they are promoted to jun rikui. Most titan pilots never gain higher rank, either due to a lack of interest or due to their early demise. Due to this, pilots who are both willing and qualified to take on actual leadership roles are allowed to do so, even if this means they are promoted far faster than non-pilot officers, sometimes even reaching the rank of nitō rikusa by the age of 25.


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