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Kannagi, “The School’s Goddess”

Posted by Doug on October 20, 2008

Things are picking up, with Jin’s return to school and the introduction of a few new characters.  It seems Jin is in the Art Club with Tsugumi, and the other (seemingly) major players in the Art Club are club president Kimura Takako and vice-president Ōkouchi Shino, and two other guys who, like Jin, are first-year students: Daitetsu Hibiki and Akiba Meguru.

The Vice-President and President The Guys

(In the above pictures, left to right: Ōkouchi, Kimura; Akiba, Daitetsu, and Jin.  I think.)

Long story short: Daitetsu paints with just a palette knife and likes kittens, Akiba draws manga but hates the Manga Club, Ōkouchi reminds me waaaay too much of Shizuru from My-HiME, and Kimura…well, I liked Kimura from the word go.  Dark hair, glasses, those fox-like eyes, yeah, just my type…err, did she just get a nosebleed over Jin?

Takako's nosebleed

Ooookaaaay, that’s just…not right. For all the guys who get nosebleeds over girls in anime and manga (a persistant trope, that one is), this is only the second time I can remember a girl getting a nosebleed over a guy (the first was Lieutenant Kitsurubami in FLCL).  She mentions that she likes Jin, and since Jin no doubt likes Nagi and Tsugumi likes Jin, our Love Triangle is now a Love Quadrilateral.  Except, doesn’t Nagi mention she’s already in love with someone else?  That makes it a Love Pentagon.

I knew the whole haunted-old-school-building mess was a prank set up by Ōkouchi and Kimura—the only way they could have made it more obvious would have been to have Kimura announce the fact at the beginning of the episode with a bullhorn.  Oh, yeah, Nagi comes to school and Jin gets extremely flustered over her unexpected (yeah, right) appearance, and she goes to the “haunted” old building to purify whatever is there, except the prank is then revealed.

Nagi throws a little tantrum, caves Jin’s face in with her knee and runs off, and runs into a young Catholic nun…who she recognizes…and who calls Nagi nee-sama, “older sister.”

the Nun

I have this sneaking suspicion that our Love Pentagon will soon became a Love Hexagon. And this is only the third episode. Love Dodecahedron, here we come!

Finally, as a side note, just let me mention that I hate public service announcements, especially ones that occupy a significant fraction of the screen.  Can’t television stations just put those on a different channel for the people who care?

Public Service Announcement

I do like Kimura’s expression in that picture, though.


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