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Newer is not always better

Posted by Doug on October 19, 2008

Case in point: version 0.9.4 of the VLC media player. I had been using VLC 0.8.6c for well over a year, with great success. Aside from an issue with subtitles that I never figured out how to fix to my satisfaction, it worked great, and so, when I heard that VLC 0.9.4 was available, I upgraded without thinking about it. Surely, if 0.8.6c worked great, 0.9.4 would work greater—right?

Wrong. All the old bugs and quirks persisted, and now choppy video playback and a complete refusal to display the subtitles was added to the mix. It all came to a head when I was trying to watch the third episode of Kannagi. It loaded slow. No subtitles, no matter how much fiddling with the settings I did. Choppy playback. Then it crashed.

Fortunately, I am a packrat, keeping everything I have ever obtained until it I am forced otherwise, and I am no different with my digital media. Of course I still had the installer for 0.8.6c.

Start → Control Panel → Programs and Features → VLC 0.9.4 → Yes, I want to uninstall it. Continue!

Once I got 0.8.6c installed again, i tried playing the Kannagi episode again. The subtitles are a little wonky sometimes, just like always, but the program loaded quick, actually displayed the subtitles more or less correctly, and the video isn’t choppy.

Now I return to watching my anime.

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