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Your Death from the Skies Has Been Delivered

Posted by Doug on October 16, 2008

Death from the SkiesYes! I got my copy of Phil Plait’s new book, Death from the Skies: These are the Ways the World Will End, in today. Phil is the author of the Bad Astronomy website and blog and in August was named the newest president of the James Randi Educational Foundation.  He also wrote a book that came out in 2002, Bad Astronomy: Misconceptions and Misuses Revealed, from Astrology to the Moon Landing “Hoax”, which…I haven’t bought…yet.

But I’ve been a fan of Phil (is it weird that I call him Phil?) for a while now. His enthusiasm and sense of humor turn a subject that too often is made to be boring into something truly fascinating.

You know, I just ran by the Bad Astronomy blog to fetch the URL and I noticed he has a timer with a countdown until Death from the Skies is released.  As I write this, the timer has 3 days 23 hours 40 minutes 21 seconds remaining…

What exactly is Death from the Skies about? Quoting from the jacket, “...Philip Plait presents some of the most fearsome end-of-the-world calamities, demystifies the scientific principles behind them, and gives us the odds that any of them will step out of the realm of sci-fi to disrupt our quiet corner of the cosmos.”

I have only read the first couple pages so far, but once I get out of the introduction and through some more of the astronomical death and destruction, I’ll write a more thorough review.  It might be a couple of days, though.


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