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Kannagi, “Pretty Voice Attack”

Posted by Doug on October 14, 2008

After only being heard and not seen in the first episode, Jin’s childhood friend Aoba Tsugumi makes her entrance, and in a scene I’m positively sure has never, ever been done in an anime before*, she comes over to visit Jin just as Jin and Nagi are arguing resulting in Jin dragging Nagi off to explain things to her, and then Nagi lies through her divine teeth about being Jin’s half-sister.

Tsugumi is confused Laundry Day

Of course Tsugumi buys it.  There must not be a skeptical bone in her body.

Nagi claims to have multiple personalities multiple times during this episode, and even though she uses that claim as an excuse for gluing her wand to the center of the table and as part of the patently false sob story she feeds Tsugumi, it actually seems to be true.  There is a distinct difference between the Shrine Maiden Nagi—

Nagi whines Nagi's excuses are lame

—and the Divine Nagi—

Cross the River Nagi's radiance

But, in any case, despite her childish ways, Jin has decided to resign himself to putting up with Nagi. I was worried for a moment that he would decide to simply stick to his guns and kick her out for good, and thus end this promising new anime series before its third episode**.

Since Jin has got to return to school in the next episode, I’m guessing that Nagi will spend the day puttering about the house, watching TV, and not venture outside or go to Jin’s school and cause a ruckus or anything that might upset Jin in any way***.


* And by “never, ever been done in an anime before,” I mean “wow, how many times has this shtick been used before? I’ve lost count.”

** Yeah, as if that was gunna happen.

*** Serious sarcasm in this post, if you haven’t noticed. But don’t get me wrong, I’m seriously liking this little gem.

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