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Real Drive, “Transparent Power”

Posted by Doug on October 13, 2008

Finally! After the last episode, I was hoping for something with a little more action, and “Transparent Power” delivered, with four pretty good martial arts scenes: Souta v. Holon at the beginning, Holon v. female android Iron Schwartz ripoff, then Souta v. the aforementioned female Iron Schwartz, and after the end credits, Round Two of Souta v. Holon.

Souta v. Android Chick

This really is Souta’s episode, even though Holon hands him his ass twice—he’s obviously got a thing for her, and that holds him back in their sparring matches. But aside from that, Souta-as-law-enforcement-investigator kind of reminded me of Togusa from Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, except Togusa had a mullet and never wore clothes like these:

Souta...This look is so not you...

Aaaaaaaaaaanyways. At least this episode didn’t revolve around Minamo’s pepper-hating ways…too much.

Minamo and the Green Pepper

They had me worried there for a bit.


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