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Posted by Doug on October 10, 2008

Once again, the girls of Perfume!

Not quite as catchy as “Polyrhythm” but still interesting. The three members of Perfume are known in Japan by their nicknames: Nishiwaki Ayaka is called “A-chan,” Kashino Yuka is “Kashiyuka,” and Ōmoto Ayano is “Nocchi.” I’m still not sure which one is which, though…

On a bit of a tangent, in my earlier post about them, I got their names wrong: Japanese names are family name first then personal name, and names don’t really translate. I mean, if your name is John Smith, and you went to Japan, you wouldn’t suddenly become Smith John, now would you? Likewise, if the girl’s name is Nishiwaki Ayaka, it doesn’t suddenly become Ayaka Nishiwaki just because people in some other country order their own names differently. Diversity for the win.


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