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Waste Time Online…For Science!

Posted by Doug on October 9, 2008

Foldit is an online game where you engage in protein-folding simulations.  It is believed that humans’ intuitive puzzle-solving capabilities might be able to solve exceedingly complex biology problems of this sort faster and cheaper than, say, a supercomputer crunching through the possibilities brute-force style could.

The game is free to play and easy enough to learn—drag with your mouse to pull the protein segments around, click the middle button to lock a piece in place, use the Shake and Wiggle tools to automate certain basic functions.  There are a lot of other bells and whistles that I haven’t had time to mess with yet.

Foldit Foldit

It’s an interesting idea—turn a problem that defies modern science into a video game some twelve-year-old in Burkina Faso can play.

The Internet: it’s not just for porn anymore.


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