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Shikabane Hime, Episode 1

Posted by Doug on October 8, 2008

Maybe if I hadn’t been playing around with the WordPress settings and widgets and whatall, I might have noticed that the first episode of Shikabane Hime was available.  I thought it came out next week, but I’m not complaining that it’s early.

In any case, Shikabane Hime is about an dual-Uzi-wielding undead girl, Hoshimura Makina, who is helping some monks fight off other undead for reasons not elaborated on in the first episode.  There is also a boy, Ōri Kagami, who runs into Makina a couple of times, but they haven’t exactly met yet.

Hoshimura Makina

Given Shikabane Hime‘s Gainax pedigree, I was really expecting something that was more…I dunno, something that just grabbed my attention, like Gurren Lagann or FLCL.  Maybe it is just a slow first episode and the rest of the series will pick up.

Mangafox has four chapters of the manga available.

EDIT: Switched pic from Photobucket to WordPress’ Media Gallery


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