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Kannagi, Episode 1

Posted by Doug on October 8, 2008

A lot of new anime are being aired lately, and while the one series I’m waiting for—Shikabane Hime—won’t air until next week (I hope), there are a few others that have piqued my interest, like Kannagi.

Kannagi is about Mikuriya Jin, an Ordinary High School Student, who, while trying to carve a wooden statue for a school project, accidentally creates the vessel for a goddess, Nagi, who promptly moves in with him and enlists his aid in purifying the impurities that threaten the land—a fairly common occurrence in Japan, if you believe everything you see in anime.

Like I do.

In any case, the “goddess + normal guy” formula reminded me of Ah! My Goddess and Spice and Wolf.  It seems more like the latter than the former, though. Kannagi seems to be drawing from the magical girl genre…


…but that’s not a mark against it. I’ll be keeping an eye on this series.

MangaFox has the first nine chapters of the Kannagi manga up, if anyone’s interested.

EDIT: Switched pic from Photobucket to WordPress’ Media Gallery


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